The Szőnyi Museum used to be the former house and studio of István Szőnyi, a prominent figure of the 19th century Hungarian painting.
The Our Lady of the Snow Parish Church was built on the model of the Transylvanian wooden churches, based on the plans of Károly Kós and Béla Jánszky.
In the Street Napraforgó you can find Slovakian farmhouses, and further on the street the Seven-Hole Railway viaduct, the Maritime History Museum, the Rock Chapel, the Calvary Chapel, the monument to the heroic Trianon, and the Károly Kós Lookout Tower where from the view of the Danube Bend is marvellous.

Natura Hill Zebegény - Zebegény


Nagymaros is a small town on the Danube bank with a peaceful atmosphere. The reason why it is worth a trip is mainly thanks to the beautiful view of the Visegrád castle, the Solomon's Tower, the well maintained promenade by the Danube with a great playground, two excellent confectioneries (with handcrafted ice creams) and Julian Lookout Tower where the path towards this viewpoint starts from. The former residence of an African researcher and hunter Kálmán Kittenberger is on the main square. Here you can find you can find the statue of St. Martin, the patron saint of Nagymaros.

Natura Hill Zebegény - Nagymaros

If you continue walking, you will reach the Church of the Holy Cross; it’s tower is the only medieval church monument in the Danube Bend that still stands today. It is also worth visiting the Calvary Chapel, which is located on the Calvary Hill.
On Saturday mornings, a producers' and crafts market awaits those interested, where the farmers of the Danube Bend and the producers of Börzsöny offer their goods at the stalls. You can buy dairy products, smoked meat, jam, honey, eggs, but freshly baked cakes as well, and if you cross the Danube by the ferry, you can even see the sights of Visegrád.


The Zsitvay Tower and the Great Lighthouse Lookout Tower, - also known as the Jubilee Lookout Tower, - offer a magnificent panoramic view of the magnificent Danube Bend. Visegrád Citadel is a magnificent sight, its lights can be seen far away even after dusk. The Visegrád International Palace Games is one of the largest medieval events in Europe. The Royal Palace, one of the jewels of the historic air of Visegrád, with the famous Hercules Fountain. The ornamental courtyard, the well-kept garden and the chapel all evoke a renaissance feeling.

Natura Hill Zebegény - Visegrád


The only Triumphal Arch in Hungary, a unique one, is in Vác; built by Kristóf Migazzi in 1764 in the honour of the visit of Maria Theresa. On the north side of the Main Square of Vác stands the Vienna Gate, opposite the town hall, and then the Church of St. Michael – can be walked around -, towards its walls were the market stalls constructed. The pearl of the Main Square is the Baroque-Rococo Church of the Whites, the former Dominican church, whose restoration revealed the most bizarre sight in the area, a crypt with the mummified bodies of the former citizens of Vác (Memento Mori exhibition).

Natura Hill Zebegény - Vác

The latest pride of the main square is the Sajdik exhibition, which introduces visitors to the fairy tale world of Artúr Gombóc. If you are looking for a delicious cake, the Mihályi Patisserie (Dessert Salon) – well-deserved their recognitions. Heading from the Main Square towards the Danube bank there is the Greek Church, that hosts various exhibitions - fine art, history, archaeology, ethnography and interdisciplinary ones as well - from spring to autumn. And our latest news: since the summer of 2021, Vác has is also the hometown of 3 Kolodko mini statues, get to know the curiosities of the city through the stories behind the statues.