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… If you want to admire the beauty of the forests from a small railway, it is worth to buy a ticket for the forest railway in Kismaros, and you can glide right until Királyrét in the valley of the Morgó stream, which gathers the water from the largest basin of Börzsöny Mountain. Királyrét is almost in the middle of the mountains, the starting point for the most beautiful hikes in Börzsöny.

Address: Kismaros, Szokolyai út 5.

Natura Hill Zebegény - Kisvasút


… You can have similar experiences a little bit North, still in the landscapes of Börzsöny Mountain, if you choose the forest museum railway on the Kemence-Feketevölgy-Hajagos route. In the museum area you can also see diesel locomotives, electric locomotives, passenger- carriages and track maintenance vehicles. A real dream program for families with children being fan of Thomas.

Address: Kemence, Csarnavölgyi út 4.

Natura Hill zebegény - Királyrét kisvasút


… Would you like to challenge yourself? Next to the Királyrét station of the Királyréti Forest Railway - an approx. 100ms on foot from the platform towards Kismaros – you can reach the Királyréti rail car, where you can make the 750-meter-long railway circuit with 4-person vehicles that can be driven by human power (with the help of feet and pedals).

Address: Szokolya-Királyrét, 3.

Natura Hill zebegény - Királyréti hajtánypálya


... looking for a playground? The three best playgrounds in the area are in Verőce (right next to the main road), in Márianosztra - not far from the prison, and in the courtyard of the Kemence Forest Museum Railway.

Natura Hill Zebegény - Játszótér


… Besides the admiration of nature, you would like to know more about it, the Lynx House Forest School and Visitor Centre offers you the opportunity to observe plants (e.g. medicinal plants, forest cuisine), woody ones (via experimentations with bud, flower, leaf, bark and crop) plant inks, habitats (meadow, marsh wildlife, forest habitat, wetlands, spring, stream, lake), to do examination of signs left by animals (footprints, feeding traces, waste, “habitat” hiding place), fungi (depending on the weather), hollows and their inhabitants for instructive educational programs.

Address: Szokolya, Királyrét (on the Királyrét, 350 m after the bridge)

Natura Hill Zebegény - Hiúz ház


… The largest adventure park on the Danube Bend, the Törökmező Tourist House, and Adventure Park, where you can choose from trails that fit perfectly into the environment on nearly 10 hectares. Upon the design of the adventure park, the little ones were also considered, the children's cableway is on an average one meter high, so they can be easily accompanied during the adventure. … By visiting the Small Animal Park – at the same sight, - you can take part in show feeding, caressing animals, pony rides and animal shows. There is also a retro playground that can be appreciated by children and adults alike.

Address: Nagymaros Törökmező 013/2 hrsz.

Natura Hill Zebegény - Törökmező

Seholsziget Adventure PARK

…If the little ones want an adventure, then the Seholsziget Adventure Park is the place for you, which is an experience for the whole family with its particular environment.

Address: Nőtincs, Bem u. 28.

Natura Hill Zebegény - Seholsziget


… In case the kids are nature lovers and would love to spend an entire day in a super complex with an ant railway, a playground, a giant climbing net, an interactive educational path and a mini game park, the Katalinpuszta Hiking Center is the place to go..

Natura Hill zebegény - Katalinpusztai Kirándulóközpont


… Would you like to relax, however still spend your free time actively? Do you love nature, hiking, animals? You will find it all on a special and carefully designed farm at the RoBirtok, near Vác, at the foot of Naszály Hill, in Kosd! An unforgettable program for the entire family. You can get to know the animals of the estate, get involved in their feeding and even try the straw jump. If you want more, you can even walk an alpaca or a deer!

Natura Hill Zebegény - Robirtok