Active recreation


… If you are a water lover and you love rowing, the DEPO-Z (Zebegény) canoe and kayak rental will provide you all the necessary equipment.

Address: Zebegény, Pozsonyi u.

Natura Hill Zebegény - Evezés


… If you want a unique Bike & Boat experience - with the best tour guide in the world, Peti Wetzl, then visit the website and get yourself an experience for life.

Natura Hill Zebegény - Bike and boat


… If you are interested in riding, then the riders of Wackor Tanya Riding School (Dömös), Kastély Lovarda (Királyrét) and Barna Party Lovarda (Verőce) are waiting for you in a beautiful environment, with a lot of love and expertise.

Address: Dömös, Duna-Dűlő // Address: Szokolya, Királyrét // Address: Verőce, 12. main road

Natura Hill Zebegény - Lovaglás

Rent a bike

… If you are about to roll around the asphalt of the Danube Bend on two wheels, but you did not take a bike, there is no reason to panic, as you can rent a steel goat at the DEPO-Z bike rental, with the possibility of flexible delivery and pick-up (they provide assistance with the transfer too).

Address: Zebegény, Pozsonyi u.

Natura Hill Zebegény - Kerékpár kölcsönzés


… In case you prefer to graze your eyes from on the mountain ranges of the Danube Bend while you rock on the Danube, the MAHART cruise ship enables you to do so. The ship goes on a Nagymaros-Dömös-Zebegény-Esztergom route for 1.5 hours, so it is not necessary to take a transfer to Visegrád for take-off.

Address: Nagymaros, Béla Király sétány

Natura Hill Zebegény - Sétahajó


… If we talk about summer, then it is beach-time. Our favourite one is the beach in Zebegény. Another super living water nearby is Lake Bánk (Bánki-tó),. It covers an area of 7 hectares and is 4 meters deep on average; this is also popular among bathers and anglers. The water temperature in summer is like Lake Balaton, with a real beach atmosphere. Don’t forget to take your bath mattress! For the Aquapark we recommend the neighbouring Vadas Thermal Park in Párkány or the Aquasziget in Esztergom.

 Natura Hill Zebegény - Strand


… More adrenaline? There is a bobsleigh run in Visegrád, which operates both in winter (alpine bobsleigh) both in summer. The “unbridled” race - naturlly the bobsleighs are equipped with brakes 😉 – goes on a 700 m long descent, with 12 turns and a level difference of 35 m.

Address: Visegrád, Nagyvillám 1

Natura Hill Zebegény - Bobpálya


… if you need more adrenaline, why not to head towards the direction of the largest adventure park on the Danube Bend, the Törökmező Tourist House, and Adventure Park, where you can choose from trails that fit into the environment on an area of nearly 10 hectares. On the canopy-level high-altitude cable car, anyone can feel like Tarzan, and on the 600m-long Tyrolean slide, an increased adrenaline production and beautiful views are guaranteed.

Address: Nagymaros Törökmező 013/2 hrsz.

 Natura Hill Zebegény - Kalandpark

MUSEUM in Visegrad

… are you into archery, or to watch a weapon or falconry demonstration, to learn medieval ballroom dancing, to make a stove tile, to watch a palace museum, to play in the palace playground with your children, then in Visegrád. we recommend the family and group program of the Hungarian National Museum's King Matthias Museum. The little ones can also find their favourite experiences here, they can play in a medieval style children's playhouse or see the work of archaeologists.

Address: Visegrád, Városi Park (Visegrád Fő u. 6-8)

Natura Hill Zebegény - Solymász


… If you are about to go fishing, the fishing lake awaits you in the 40-hectare lake with its declared nature conservation environment with many fish species, 30 km from Zebegény, together with the Visegrád Trout Lakes - on the other side, - its special feature is that based on your catch, your lunch can be prepared as well onsite.

Address: Lady, fishing lake
Address: Visegrád, Trout Lake

Natura Hill Zebegény - Horgászat


… If you want a spiritual experience, the stupa in Becske is also must-see. The stupa can be visited by anyone, regardless of worldview and religious affiliation, and experience its powerful; the stupas remind us of the possibility of personal development in which our own inner perfection unfolds, all the wonderful qualities and abilities that lie within us and that we can use for the benefit of others and ourselves. Becske is a small village in Nógrád county with almost 600 inhabitants. It is in beautiful surroundings located in the Cserhát, in the valley of the Galga stream.

Natura Hill Zebegény - Spirituális


… If you want to buy fragrant fruits, tasty cheeses, heavenly jams, tasty syrups, tender vegetables, and delicious meats, be sure to visit the most popular producers' market of the Danube Bend!

Address: Nagymaros, Main Square
Address: Nagybörzsöny, Hunyadi Square

Natura Hill Zebegény - Piac