Sustainable tourism

The concept of Natura Hill is overridden by a strive for sustainability in every aspect. The primary approach in the design of the building was energy efficiency; our houses are very well insulated and built of modern, yet natural materials. Our engineering friends designed and developed the state-of-the-art engineering system extremely thoroughly down to the very last detail. Heating and air-conditioning is taken care of by a geothermic heat-pump system. Four soil samplers drilled over 100 metres deep ensure that the even temperature in the depths be transformed into the desired pleasant climate in the rooms with the least energy investment. The wall surfaces are used both for heating and cooling, which allows us to achieve thermal comfort even at a lower surface temperature. A heat recovery ventilation system ensures constant fresh air preventing the loss of valuable energy during ventilation. The automated venetian blinds perfectly cooperate with the engineering system on hot summer days.

Our detergents are made of readily degradable natural ingredients. The integrated taps use as little valuable potable water as possible, and the biologically treated wastewater is later recycled for agricultural purposes. All waste is collected selectively; plant organic material is reintroduced into nature as a fertilizer following composting.

We practically exclusively used local products during the compilation of the menu. We are in a very lucky situation, since besides the goods of our own estate, the produce and livestock of the Danube, the Börzsöny and the Ipoly Valley provide a plentiful selection for a diverse and healthy diet for our guests. We have an excellent relationship with neighbouring farmers and cottages who always provide fresh and tasty products on our tables.

We are ardent fans and great admirers of the unrivalled diverse cultural and gastronomic traditions of Zebegény, which are often echoed at various areas at our estate and during our programmes.