The largest lavender plantation in the region, medicinal herb- and spice garden, happy livestock

The Natura Hill farm occupies an area of 2 hectares. We take great pride in the almost half-hectare lavender field planted in 2014, which is the largest plantation of its kind in the area. With expert help (provided by Dr Mária Heltmanné Tulok, senior university lecturer, the greatest lavender expert in Hungary) we also established a genuine rarity – a demonstration garden housing some seventy species of various medicinal herbs and spices in the spring of 2015. We also lay great emphasis on being able to provide as many of our own products on the table as possible, therefore we shall establish a self-sufficient vegetable garden and a smaller pasture and fodder plantation in the strictly ecological estate in the near future. This will constantly provide fresh food for our happy animals, which if they eat up, they shall productively contribute to the values of the estate.