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Natura Hill Guesthouse


Dear Guests!

Welcome to Natura Hill Guesthouse !! The aim of our house policy is to allow all our guests to spend their holidays in the greatest peace, so please keep in mind the following!

1. Your room is available from 15:00 on the day of arrival until 10:00 on the day of departure. If you plan to leave the Natura Hill Guesthouse after 10 am or extend your stay, please notify our colleagues in advance, but no later than upon your arrival. Reserved rooms will be held until 8pm, if you plan to arrive later, please inform us in advance. Late check out is available: depending on free capacity, for a HUF 8,500 / hour / room charge. We can provide early check-in and late check-out, subject to prior arrangement.
2. We would like to enable our guests to feel as little as possible from the administration, so we recommend that you inform us upon check-in about the way you want to settle your account, to help us make your check-out easier. Please note that we can issue a room key for a room, in the event of which we will incur an additional charge.
3. We have established the Natura Hill Guesthouse in order to provide perfect rest and relaxation for our guests. Please respect the peace of mind of other guests and do not disturb it with loudness. After 9 p.m., please pay extra attention to this.
4. Natura Hill Guesthouse has an unguarded outdoor car park. The Guesthouse cannot be held responsible for the vehicle, or the objects left in it. If you want to keep your valuables safe, please use the in-room safe, which is available free of charge - feel free to contact our colleagues about using it. The Guesthouse is not responsible for valuables left in the rooms.
5. The room rate includes use of the Natura Hill Guesthouse's spa and sauna facilities. In order to use the department smoothly and safely, please have a look at the following rules: Use of the spa: opening hours: 09:00 - 21:00 - for our guests with a reservation only. You can make your reservation at the Reception or via the online reservation system.
Children under the age of 14 can only use the spa with parental supervision. It is strictly FORBIDDEN to use the pool under the influence of alcohol or drugs! Do NOT use electronic devices in wet areas! It is forbidden to eat in and around the jacuzzi, and drinks are only allowed in plastic cups. For glasses, please contact our colleagues! The surroundings of the jacuzzi are wet and slippery, which requires special attention. When using the jacuzzi, please consider relaxing with other guests.

Use of the sauna: Everyone can use the sauna at their own risk! The use of the sauna is not recommended for children under 14 years of age! Children under the age of 18 can use the sauna under the supervision and responsibility of a parent or adult. The maximum length of stay in the sauna for healthy people is 8-15 minutes. We would like to draw the attention of our dear guests to the fact that the floor in the saunas can be very wet, so we recommend you to pay special attention on it due to the risk of slipping! It is strictly forbidden to bring fragile objects (bottles, glasses, etc.) into the saunas or anything else that could cause an accident or injury!
6. At Natura Hill Guesthouse, depending on the service ordered, we provide meals twice a day, the following times are: Breakfast: 8:00 to 10:00 Dinner: 7 pm. Half-board includes breakfast and a 4-course dinner. Lunch: by reservation; The 3-course gourmet bistro lunch service starts at 12:00 and 14:00. If you have a table reservation, please contact our colleagues. It is not allowed to bring your own food and drink.
7. We would like to inform you that according to the current laws, guests under the age of 18 are not allowed to drink alcohol in our Guesthouse’s area.
8. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that for the safety of all of us, cooking, ironing, smoking, the use of incense and candles in the rooms, the use of the fireplace in the living area and all other fire and accident hazards are strictly forbidden! The Natura Hill is a non-smoking guest house, so smoking is only allowed in designated areas - on the outdoor terraces. Anyone who does not respect this point of the policy may be required to pay HUF 50,000 to the Guesthouse. This amount may vary depending on the severity of the damage caused.
9. Please use hand-held fire alarms in the Guesthouse only in emergency. We would like to inform you that the person - or its legal representative - who caused the damage caused by unauthorised use in the area of the accommodation is financially liable.
10. If you notice any technical problems, please notify our colleagues immediately in person or by telephone so that we can take action as soon as possible.
11. Our wireless internet connection service (WiFi) can be used free of charge in the entire area of the Guesthouse and in the public areas. To gather the password please ask our colleagues.
12. In order to ensure the undisturbed rest of our guests, 2 animals can be brought into the Guesthouse at the same time.
13. The standard room rate includes the following services:
Accommodation with breakfast or half board
Unlimited use of Natura Spa or Natura Les Spa - by reservation
Use of outdoor parking
Wifi internet connection.

The following services are available for a fee:
Polaris tour
Use of function room
Program organisation for larger companies
Restaurant catering

Natura Hill Vendégház restaurant opening hours:
Every day from 8:00 to 22:00

Natura Hill Spa opening hours:
Every day from 9:00 to 21:00

We very much welcome your feedback on our services and colleagues, as we can learn the most from our guests so as to further improve and expand our products and services according to your needs. Please indicate your comments in the Guest Satisfaction Questionnaire. Thanks in advance for your help!

If the Policies are violated, we will be obliged to cancel the booking or ask you to leave the accommodation earlier, subject to full payment of the stay.

For such matters that are not regulated by the Rules of Procedure, the Civil Code is the applicable law. In case of disputes, the parties agree on the exclusive jurisdiction of the City Court. Please indicate any complaints or remarks during your stay, as we can take them into account and, - if necessary, - proceed with a compensation them only if signalled onsite. We are unable to accept subsequent complaints. If you have any questions in addition to the above featured point, please feel free to contact our staff, who are at your disposal.

We wish you a pleasant stay and a good rest!

Team Natura Hill


1.) The General Terms and Conditions of the General Accommodation (hereinafter GTC) summarise the basis of which Kis Bt (2627 Zebegény Hrsz 0157/84), which operates the Natura Hill Guesthouse (2627 Zebegény Hrsz 0157/84), concludes an accommodation contract with its Guests.
2.) The services provided by the Service Provider (hereinafter Natura Hill Guesthouse) are used by the Guest. The Service Provider and the Guest together, if the conditions are met, become contractual parties (hereinafter referred to as the Parties). The Service Guesthouse is only in contact with the Guest, it does not accept requests, instructions, requests for changes or cancellations from other persons. 3.) At the request of the Guest verbally or in writing, the Service Provider shall in all cases send a written offer to the Guest. If no specific order is received from the Guest by the deadline specified in the offer, the Service Provider will no longer be bound by the offer. The agreement is concluded only with the written confirmation of the Guest's reservation returned by the Service Provider and thus it qualifies as a written contract. A verbally formulated reservation, agreement or amendment to an agreement or their verbal confirmation by the Service Provider shall not be considered a contract. The Service Provider requests the Natura Hill Guesthouse to pay an advance payment for the conclusion of the contract. The deposit is 50% of the total amount of the reservation and services ordered. The amount of the deposit must be transferred to the bank account number 66000114-11094951-00000000 of Kis Bt Central Savings Cooperative, which operates Natura Hill Guesthouse, within 1 day from the date of booking (which may not be later than the 14th day prior to arrival). The transfer notice must refer to the booking number. The transfer of the advance is considered an order. The advance payment can also be paid with a SZÉP card, in which case the fulfilment of the advance payment must be confirmed by sending a copy or notification of the transfer to the Service Provider. The deposit can also be paid by credit card upon the booking on our website.

When booking online on the hotel's website, the value of the booking can be paid in the following ways:

Online credit card payment: OTP SimplePay

Accepted credit cards: Maestro, MasterCard, Visa, Visa Electron, Diners Club, American Express

Online payment with SZÉP card: OTP Szép Kártya, MKB Szép Kártya, K&H SZÉP Kártya

The accommodation service contract is concluded for a specified period. If the Guest leaves the room permanently before the expiry of the specified period, the Service Provider is entitled to take into consideration all services featured in the contract. The Service Provider is entitled to resell the room vacated before the expiry date. If the Guest initiates the extension of the specified period, the written consent of the Service Provider is required to amend the contract. In this case, the Service Provider may stipulate the reimbursement of the fee for the service already performed. A written agreement signed by the Parties is required to amend or supplement the contract. The condition for using the accommodation service is that the Guest confirms his / her identity before occupying the room. No one can live in the Pension without registration.
4.) Group booking
In the case of a group booking, the Guesthouse will only have a legal relationship with the person who made the booking. If the group makes individual requests or individual or group-wide requests, it can only be made in writing and can only be submitted by the person booking. A partial or full cancellation statement can only be made by the booking person, and persons in the group are not entitled to make such a statement. If any member of the group makes a statement to the Service Provider, that statement is invalid. The Service Provider can claim a penalty against the person booking. In the case of a group booking, the deposit must be paid in one instalment. The Service Provider issues the number of the group advance payment in the name of the person booking the advance payment. In case of legal cancellation or modification of a room, the amount of the advance payment will be divided by the Guesthouse into the remaining rooms and services. When the final invoice is issued, the invoice will be in the name of the person who made the booking (or the company name provided by the person making the booking). Group advance and final invoice cannot be paid with a SZÉP card. The invoice must be paid in advance by bank transfer, credit card or in cash. If a member of the group wishes to issue the advance or the final invoice in the name of the company or pay with a SZÉP card, the booking person must be notified before paying the advance, because in accordance with the relevant rules in this case the Service Provider will cancel the person's room from the group’s allotment and consider it as an individual reservation. In this case, the booking person must provide the guest's name, address, e-mail address and telephone number. The guest's room deposit must be paid by the guest independently from the group. If the deposit is to be paid by bank transfer, the booking number must be indicated in the transfer notification box. On-site consumption for a room separates from the group and should be paid by the guest against a block or bill. The Service Provider issues a single final invoice for the accommodation costs of the group, the services used and the on-site consumption. The final invoice may only be in the name of the person or company to whom the advance invoice was issued.
5.) Start and end of accommodation (check-in and check-out)
The Guest has the right to occupy the booked room between 15.00 and 20.00. If the Guest does not show up by 8 pm on the agreed day, the Service Provider has the right to withdraw from the contract, unless the Guest has indicated their late arrival in advance. If the guest has paid in advance, the room will be booked until 9:00 am the day after arrival. The guest must leave the room between 08:30 and 10:00 on the day of departure. There is no way to leave late during the COVID-19 outbreak due to the time required for the cleaning and disinfection protocol. The extension of the stay by the Guest requires the prior consent of the Service Provider. If the Guest does not vacate his room by 10.00 on the day specified as the day of departure and the Service Provider has not agreed in advance to extend the stay, the Service Provider is entitled to invoice the room price for another day and the Service Provider's service obligation is terminated.

6.) Prices
The current prices of the Service Guesthouse can be found in the online booking system ( The Service Provider may change the advertised prices without prior notice. If the Guest has booked the accommodation and it has been confirmed in writing by the Service Provider, the Service Provider cannot change the price in consideration. Upon the announcement of the prices, the Service Provider indicates the tax content of the prices (the rate of VAT valid at the time of bidding, regulated by law). The published prices include VAT, but do not include the tourist tax, which must be paid on the spot. The Service Provider shall transfer the burden of the surplus arising from the amendment of the applicable tax laws to the Guest with prior notice.

7.) Cancellation Policy

The Guest is obliged to notify the Service Provider immediately in writing of the cancellation of the ordered accommodation and other services. The ordered service can be cancelled by the Guest free of charge on the 14th day before arrival. Thereafter, the following rules apply: The guest is required to pay a penalty for cancellations on or within the 14th day prior to arrival. The Service Provider may withhold 50% of the ordered but cancelled services as a penalty. The penalty will be settled and paid after the invoice is issued. The penalty is based on the price specified in the confirmation. If cancelled or modified on the day of arrival or during the stay, 100% of the total price of the reservation will be charged.
In addition to the advance payment transaction, the provided bank card or SZÉP card data can also be used for the grief money transaction for cancellation.
For our guests using a gift voucher, the voucher is considered a deposit, so the same cancellation policy applies.

8.) Method of payment

The value of the ordered service in addition to the deposit can be paid on the spot in cash, with a SZÉP card (accepted: Natura Hill) or by credit card.

When booking online on the hotel's website, the value of the booking can be paid in the following ways:

Online credit card payment: OTP SimplePay

Accepted credit cards: Maestro, MasterCard, Visa, Visa Electron, Diners Club, American Express

Online payment with SZÉP card: OTP Szép Kártya, MKB Szép Kártya, K&H SZÉP card

9.) Refusal to fulfil the contract, termination of the service obligation
The Service Provider is entitled to terminate the accommodation service contract with immediate effect and refuse to provide the service if - the Guest does not use the provided room and any Natura Hill facility as intended or causes damage to it - if the Guest has not emptied it before 10.00 on the day of departure and the Service Provider has not agreed in advance to extend the stay - the Guest is objectionable to the security of the accommodation, behaves rudely, is under the influence of alcohol or drugs, threatens, insults or behaves in another unacceptable way or carries an infectious disease - the Guest does not fulfil the obligation to pay the advance by the specified date. If the contract between the parties is not fulfilled due to “force majeure”, the contract is terminated.

10.) Rights and obligations of the Guest
By concluding the contract, the Guest acquires the right to use the rented accommodation, as well as the usual facilities of the accommodation, and to provide services during the opening hours. The Guest is obliged to pay the fee agreed in the contract by the deadline specified in the confirmation. The Guest may only bring and install electrical appliances that belong to their travel needs. The Guest is obliged to dispose of the rubbish only in the Natura Hill area and in the rubbish bin in the rooms. Furniture cannot be removed or moved from the rooms or the building. The Guest may use the equipment and furnishings in the entire area of the Guesthouse at his own risk. The Guesthouse is a non-smoking establishment. Smoking is only allowed in designated areas. If the Guest does not comply with the relevant rules, the rules set out in point 9) will apply. If the Guest smokes in his / her room, the Service Provider is entitled to charge an extra cleaning fee of HUF 50,000.

11.) Arriving with animal
Natura Hill Guesthouse also welcomes guests arriving with a dog. A total of 2 dogs can stay in the Guesthouse at the same time, therefore the Guest must notify in advance that they are arriving with a dog and agree with the Service Provider. Maximum one dog can stay in a room. The dog owner is fully responsible for the dog's behaviour. For the pet’s stay, the guest must pay the daily rate included in the service charge. If the dog disturbs the peace of other Guests, the Guesthouse will ask the Guest to leave with his dog. In such a case, the Guest is obliged to pay the full accommodation fee.

12.) Rights of the Service Provider
If the Guest does not pay the fee for the services used by him, ordered in his contract but not used, the Service Provider is entitled to a lien on the personal belongings of the Guest brought with him to the accommodation to secure his claim. The Service Provider may prevent the removal of the encumbered property for as long as the lien exists. The restriction only applies to the pledged items, persons are free to leave the Guesthouse.

13.) In fulfilling its obligation under the contract, the Service Provider is obliged to act in accordance with the rules of the Act on the Protection of Personal Data and the Disclosure of Data of Public Interest. The Service Provider handles the personal data provided to it in all cases in compliance with the valid legal regulations, ensures their security, takes the technical and organizational measures, and establishes the procedural rules that are necessary to comply with the valid legal regulations. The Service Provider uses personal data only for the purposes of concluding contracts and invoicing.
14.) In concluding the accommodation service contract, the Guest agrees that he has read and understood the terms and conditions described above and agrees with them.
15.) The Service Provider informs the Guest that the issues not regulated in these general terms and conditions are governed by the contract concluded between the Civil Code and the Guest and the Service Provider.

Date: May the 16th, 2022

Tibor Hodik / Kis Bt / managing director

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