Natura Hill Zebegény - LES Nászutas lakosztály



Our new building, LES/Lurk, was ready by 2019 - with 3 panoramic suites on the Danube. This room is in this building. The reception and restaurant are in the main building, the LES/Lurk is within walking distance of our main building - parking is provided directly at the LES/Lurk. The building itself has become a miracle, and this room is the precious gem of LES/Lurk - by far our most popular room. Bathroom with double panoramic bath and panoramic shower with an absolutely unique view. As our rooms in the main building offer a view of the Danube Bend, from the Honeymoon LES/Lurk Suite we can feel that the Danube Bend is almost an integral part of the room. And we did not even mention that the room has a large balcony…

LES/Lurk rooms can only be booked with children over 10 years old. Pets are not allowed in this building.

Double bed ready to be split into twin

Sofa bed

Unparalleled panorama of the Danube

Private terrace

In-room safe for laptop storage

Standard size refrigerator


Bathroom with a panorama shower and a panorama bath (for two) with hairdryer

Premium digital sound system

Ventilation system and air conditioning

Free wifi internet access

Use of sauna

As per our conviction, there is no television set in any of our rooms!


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