Poppy flower

Natura Hill Zebegény - Mákvirág

Main building - Ground floor

Poppy flower

The other room ideal for families with children, as everyone loves it’s bunk beds. You should not book this room for one night only, because every child will wish to sleep on their upper level, so why not to come for as many nights as the number of your children, thus everyone can enjoy the “high-altitude fresh air”. The special feature of the Poppy Flower is the board painted wall that the little guests can draw over with some chalk as per their preferences. In addition to reading the guestbook, our other favourite activity after the guests check out is to check out these works of art left in the Poppy Flower Room. It is a true pleasure to see the handprints of these little artists - sometimes we barely dare to wipe them off the wall.

Double bed

Bunk bed (185x80 cm mattress size)

Unparalleled panorama of the Danube

Private terrace

In-room safe for laptop storage

Minibar-sized refrigerator


Bathroom with shower and hairdryer

Premium digital sound system

Natural fresh air ventilation, surface heating and cooling

Free wifi internet access

Use of sauna

As per our conviction, there is no television set in any of our rooms!


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