Natura Hill Zebegény - Fahéj

Main building - Upstairs


The main building’s honeymoon suite. This is the 25th name of this room; it was so hard to decide about it that we even started a Facebook poll about it, but it did not help, in fact, we received too many and too good ideas… It’s okay; since 2015 Cinnamon is the name of the room, where we have placed a 185cm wide bathtub in front of the huge panoramic window, so that the bubble bath’s lovers can also enjoy the panorama, which is impossible to get bored of, even without bubbles. The question often arises, - so we make it clear - apart from the bathtub, there is a shower in the room as well.

Double bed

There is a 185 cm wide bathtub in front of the huge panorama window in the same airspace (area) as the double bed.

Unparalleled panorama of the Danube

Private intimate terrace

In-room safe for laptop storage

Minibar-sized refrigerator


Bathroom with shower and hairdryer

Premium digital sound system

Natural fresh air ventilation, surface heating and cooling

Free wifi internet access

Use of sauna

As per our conviction, there is no television set in any of our rooms!


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