Natura Hill Zebegény - Kamilla

Main building - Ground floor


One of our personal favourites... A hammoch - a hanging armchair - is a must have furniture, no question about it. We ordered it much earlier than we would have had a faint idea of which room it would fit into, however the bookshelf layout made it clear that this swinging miracle had to join into the panoramic reading corner, here. Not to mention the textiles, you will enter the room and you will feel good just about the colours.

Double bed ready to be split into twin

Unparalleled panorama of the Danube


Book corner

Private terrace

In-room safe for laptop storage

Minibar-sized refrigerator


Bathroom with shower and hairdryer

Premium digital sound system

Natural fresh air ventilation, surface heating and cooling

Free wifi internet access

Use of sauna

As per our conviction, there is no television set in any of our rooms!


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