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Locally grown, locally produced, organic and fairtrade ingredients

Our daily offer provides a new and quality gastronomic experience on every occasion. Our chef Endre Ruga uses the fresh ingredients that we currently purchase from the farmers’ market or neighbouring farmers, but a majority of which will be grown in our vegetable garden from the spring. We pay special attention to ensuring that you are able to choose a wine that goes well with the dishes on offer, and should you be unsure, we shall gladly assist in providing guidance to our more than 30 types of wines.

A majority of our ingredients is produced locally or comes from producers nearby. We consider it important that the eggs of free-range chickens kept on an adequate area are used in our home-made soup pasta. If anything is unavailable locally, we try our best to use organic and fairtrade ingredients from elsewhere.

Apart from our guests, we also welcome patrons not staying with us at our little restaurant in limited numbers – please always make reservations via telephone in advance. (+3630 599 5732)